2018 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report
2018 Small World Festival
Message from Sean Cuadra, Executive Director
Toys for Thailand purchased a soymilk machine to make protein drinks for the 145 students living at the Romklaopangtong (King’s) School. Supporting the nutritional needs of students is crucial since they have limited access to sources of protein.
Donation from T4T’s youngest supporter, ten-year-old Carter Bolt, who sold cookies to raise the funds.
T4T provided the Ban Maenatueng School with resources for a cooking class: mixing bowls, measuring items, cook books, aprons, and a small oven. The cooking classes offer students essential vocational skills for the future. The resources were a gift from the Basil Box restaurants, in Toronto, Canada. The Basil Box recently opened their 5th restaurant and at the same time made their 5th donation to Toys for Thailand.
Students learn how to make kanom krok (coconut-rice pancakes) in their cooking class at the Maenaueng School in Pai. This delicious snack is a favorite with children and adults. The students sell their pancakes at school events to earn some money.
The Wanaluang School students in Maehongson, Thailand now have a school chicken farm, a T4T gift from Wilma Owens and friends. Eggs are the gold standard for protein, which is rare in the diet of Tribal children.
Research shows that music education benefits students in many ways. Teachers incorporate traditional songs and instruments for ceremonial purposes, and use popular songs for learning.             
The students at the Anuban School in Maehongson are now studying and performing with musical instruments, a special T4T gift from the Querrey Simpson Foundation.
T4T funded barbering tools for Ban Namplamoong and Payang School in Pai. Students use barbering tools to learn a vocational skill and earn extra income for their families. The gifts came from PureLife Thai Spa in Cardiff, CA and Dr. Ron Baker.
Playgrounds teach students important social skills. With a special gift from Marilyn and Allen Souchek, T4T funded six school playgrounds at the Kaen Phah School, Pai Primary, Ban PaMon School, Ban Masapae, Ban Wano, and Ban Maelana.
T4T partnered with graduate students from the Maejo Department. of Renewable Energy to design and construct a multi-purpose play area for 209 tribal children at the MaePing School in Pai. Acknowledgement to the ChiangMai International Rotary and Jerry Nelson for supporting this project.
Renovation for the Old Tiger School sports area was made possible as a T4T gift from Paul and Nancy Marshall and friends.
Science is an extreme sport for the brain. It arouses children’s curiosity about how and why things are the way they are in the natural world. The Tribal children at WiangNua School (Pai, Thailand) have a new science lab, a T4T gift from Paul and Nancy Marshall and friends.
Library and internet resources help students develop language skills and connect them with the world beyond their remote mountain villages. T4T donors Denise Plante, Sandy and Dave Carey, Diane Carey, Michael Eaton and Jean Coldwell funded books and library resources for three schools in Maehongson: Pongkan, Mubuab, and Yapanae.
T4T awarded 150, $32.00 (1,000 baht) scholarships to students at the 2017 Small World Festival. For poor Tribal children, whose families earn less than $300 USD per year, the small scholarship allows them to buy basic necessities such as athletic shoes, clothing, personal items, and school supplies.
Special acknowledgement to Richard Eberhart, Rachnee Keirsey and her international network for their generous support of the scholarship program.
Toys for Thailand joined Sol Y Luna Association in 2018 and funded two full scholarships. Located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the recipients Carolina Ayma and Kusi Uñapillco are studying with comprehensive scholarships that cover their studies, food, health expenses and other care. They were selected based on financial need.
Thank you to the Querrey Simpson Foundation for sponsoring the partnership with the Sol Y Luna Association. The association seeks to foster holistic, community-based education, with a solid, progressive pedagogical base for children and social support for parents and families. We are very excited to develop this new partnership.
A special thank you to the organizations and individuals that have supported Toys for Thailand over the past year. Thank you for the passion you share for our mission.
Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to T4T (see Three Ways to Donate on the back cover). We are seeking YOUR support to provide instructional and vocational resources, scholarships, and recreational equipment to disadvantaged children at the various Hill Tribal schools in northern Thailand. For so many of the children we serve, school is their home and is a crucial source of their development.
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Toys for Thailand, Inc (T4T) is a 501c (3) charity, providing tangible goods and services for disadvantaged children in Thailand since 2005. The organization’s FEIN is 45-4552724.