2020 Toys for Thailand scholarships awarded to Tribal students in Maehongson.

Although the world was experiencing a pandemic, the Toys for Thailand team, in MaeHongSon, was able to ensure that scholarships were safely delivered to students in need. The theme for the 2020 Small World Festival may have been “A New Normal,” yet the efforts by teachers, school directors and volunteers were anything but normal. Their Read more about 2020 Toys for Thailand scholarships awarded to Tribal students in Maehongson.[…]

Growing Organic Vegetables and Healthy Smiles in Northern Thailand

Toys for Thailand helps to construct a vegetable garden to support the Mae Surin Noi school lunch program and teach the children agricultural skills in Northern Thailand.

Insider’s Peek Inside the 10th Anniversary of Northern Thailand’s Small World Festival

Guest contributor, Dr. Ron Baker, takes us inside his recent experience at the 10 year anniversary of the Small World Festival. The Toys for Thailand (T4T) co-hosted 10th annual Small World Festival took place on December 24, 2019 in downtown Mae Hong Son, Thailand.

Small World Festival Honors King of Thailand

The Small World Maehongson Festival was created by Toys for Thailand (2010) to inspire HOPE for children to express their tribal traditions and to be rewarded for their talents. The 2016 Small World Festival promotes a greater awareness of the rich cultural traditions of the Hill Tribe children while honoring his majesty the late King of Thailand. This Read more about Small World Festival Honors King of Thailand[…]

Milk and Cookies: Carter Bolt

Our youngest Toys for Thailand supporter nine year old Carter Bolt baked cookies to raise funds to buy a soy milk machine for the children of King’s School, Maehongson, Thailand. Carter is an amazing boy. He was born in Hefei, China and lived his early life in an orphanage. He was adopted when he was Read more about Milk and Cookies: Carter Bolt[…]