Meeting with Sing Tao Buddhist Association


T4T leaders meet with members of the Sing Tao Buddhist Association Inc.

T4T leaders meet with members of the Sing Tao Buddhist Association Inc.

On Friday March 25th, a team from Toys for Thailand (T4T) had a lunch meeting with Daranee Olson and her Vietnamese friends from the Sing Tao Buddhist Association Inc. The lunch meeting was held at Siam Nara Thai Cuisine in San Diego. T4T Board Members Sean Cuadra, Paul Marshall and Maria Miller attended along with officer Sasha Bilar.

The Sing Tao group is planning a July 20-24 2016 visit to Tribal schools in Maehongson, Thailand and will support selected T4T school projects there. The Vietnamese group will meet with Maehongson partners Koon Ohm and Archi Chi to arrange school visits. 

Roselle Kovitz


March 2016_Roselle_T4TKeychain

Roselle visits Cardiff by the Sea (March 2016)

A special acknowledgment to our Toys for Thailand supporter and friend Roselle Kovitz (Seattle, Washington USA). Roselle is a “creative media professional, a talented wordsmith.” She writes for
The Fetzer Institute

Roselle launched Toys for Thailand into Social Media (FaceBook,Twitter) several years ago and continues to contribute with web content ideas. Roselle also supports the T4T scholarship program.

In 2008 Roselle traveled with Sasha Bilar and Maria Miller throughout Northern Thailand (photo here from that trip). You can read Roselle’s recent blog Scared Imperfections


Maria Miller, Sasha Bilar and Roselle Kovitz Maehongson, Thailand (2008)

T4T 2015 Annual Report

May 2015 T4T Potluck

May 2015 T4T Potluck

The 2015 Toys for Thailand Annual Report is available online. The report provides a message from the Executive Director, the 2015 donor list and a financial summary of the organization. Photo Credit: Ron Baker Pix

T4T funds Clay Brick project at Pooling


Pooling School Director Sombut Negree shows T4T Director clay brick machinery

Pooling School Director Sombut Negree shows T4T Director clay brick machinery (Dec. 2015)

IMG_7080Toys for Thailand funded machinery and vocational training for the Huay Pooling to produce soil cement bricks for their school and to sell in their local community.

The clay brick (cla-ment) program is a self-sustaining way for Pooling to earn an income producing and selling bricks while teaching students an important vocational skill. An important goal of the program is to use the abundant clay in the Pooling area and reduce the use of wood for building. 

Huay Pooling is a remote residential school in Maehongson, Thailand which houses and educates 167 Karen Hill Tribal students.

Toys for Thailand Board Meeting

2016 T4T Board Meeting

2016 T4T Board Meeting


John and Sasha Bilar and Sean Cuadra

John and Sasha Bilar and Sean Cuadra

On March 6, 2016 Toys for Thailand, Inc. held it’s annual board meeting. Board members: Maria Miller, John Bilar, Sean Cuadra, Paul Marshall and Jerome Roberts attended the meeting along with officers Sasha Bilar, Director of Thailand Operations, Lynda Halttunen, Treasurer  and Denise Plante Secretary.

Maria Miller served as Chairman and Denise Plante served as Secretary of the meeting. Organizational business was discussed and fundraising goals for 2016 set. The 2016 Toys for Thailand Annual Report was approved and will be posted on the T4T website. The format for the annual appeal was discussed and Board Member Sean Cuadra provided a visual format for consideration. The next T4T Board Meeting was set for Sunday, March 5, 2017.

Garden + Fish Pond = Lunch

Toys for Thailand provided funds for a school garden and fish pond for HuayPuKaeng, a Hill Tribal school in Maehongson, Thailand. The T4T gift came from Judy Eberhart and friends. Huay PuKaeng teacher Kru Rach organized her students to prepare the schoolyard for the garden and pond. 


PuKaeng students work on school garden and pond.

 School gardens are a wonderful way to use the schoolyard as a classroom, and teach students valuable gardening and agriculture skills, as well as, provide a food source for their lunch. 


Preparing school yard for garden.

Hair by Dee


Teacher and students from Maesurin School – Dec. 2015.

Toys for Thailand supporter and hair stylist Dee Khumthorn L’Huillier (USA) funded a hair cutting station for the students of MaeSurin School in Maehongson, Thailand. The photo here shows the teacher and students from MaeSurin with Sasha Bilar. MaeSurin was one of 44 schools that participated in the Small World Maehongson Festival on December 24, 2015.

MaeSurin is a Hill Tribal School in a remote village in the Khun Yuam district in Thailand. The haircutting station will be used to provide haircuts for the students and to teach barbering skills.

Thank you to Dee for this valuable gift. 

Dee Khumthorn L'Huillier

Dee Khumthorn L’Huillier

Power of the Playground


Playground Gift from T4T Board Member Jerome Roberts

Toys for Thailand funded a playground for the Maeja Preschool (Maehongson, Thailand), a gift from Jerome Roberts and Friends. The playground provides a space for young Tribal children to enrich, build, and expand their cognitive development through play.

“Playground play structures help facilitate a child’s cognitive development during free play because toddlers are at a sensor-motor stage of development and they learn through their sensory impression and motor activities and the interaction of the two.”



Perfect Timing


Basil Box donation (2015) provided food cabinets for Huay Pooling School in Maehongson, Thailand.

Basil Box Team from Toronto, Canada

Basil Box Team from Toronto, Canada










The Basil Box, Toronto, Canada just opened their second restaurant and owner Peter Chui fulfilled his temple promise making a second donation to Toys for Thailand. Peter writes, “I made a temple promise while traveling in SE Asia, that for each new restaurant I open, I will donate money to an organization that will benefit those in need in Thailand.”

The Basil Box 2016 gift will fund cooking tools and instruction for the Tribal students at Tahinsom School, providing important life skills in cooking, kitchen hygiene and safety. The Basil Box donation and the school cooking class proposal were received by T4T on the same day, perfect timing. Congratulations and thank you to Peter Chui and his team in Toronto, Canada.

International Arrivals Supports T4T

Sasha Bilar at Small World Maehongson Festival Dec. 2015

Sasha Bilar at Small World Maehongson Festival Dec. 2015

Toys for Thailand (T4T) corporate sponsor, International Arrivals (Oceanside, CA) provided creative materials for the Tribal children and visiting guests to add their personal touch to the Kindness Without Borders Bags.Thank you to Carol Pankiw Tyner and her team for their continued support.



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