Small World Team Promotes T4T

February 2016: The Small World Maehongson Festival (SWF) team was invited to join a Children’s Festival in Maesariang District to promote Toys for Thailand (T4T) school projects and to strengthen the partnership between Maehongson School District 1 and 2. SWF Coordinator Archi writes, ” I hope that one day in the future we will be the same festival under T4T and Provincial project together. The event in Maesariang  is named High Land Little Angel Festival.”



Prem International School supports Toys for Thailand


Grade 2 students at the Car Boot Charity Event.

Grade 2 students at the Car Boot Charity Event.

Janine Davis at the Car Boot Charity Event hosted by Prem International School

Janine Davis at Prem International School

Prem International School in Mae Rim, Thailand hosted a Car Boot fundraiser on Feburary 13, 2016. The event raised 17, 449 baht for the Toys for Thailand (T4T) scholarship program. Prem students from Grade 2 under the direction of their teacher, James Pinkard raised 6,829 baht from their stall selling cupcakes, clothes, toys, books and figurines. A special thank you to T4T volunteer Janine Davis for hosting a Toys for Thailand table at the Prem event and representing the organization.

Prem International School 
Car Boot Sale


Soymilk and forget your husband cookies

Students enjoy rich protein drink.

Pangmapha Students enjoy rich protein drink.

Every Thursday 150 students at Soon Pangmapha have a school clean up day and after enjoy a protein drink made with an industrial soy milk making machine, a Toys for Thailand gift from Paul Marshall and friends (Dec 2015).

Pangmapha is a residential school 90 minutes from Maehongson, Thailand. The tribal students live 10-1 with a teacher in dark, damp buildings with mats on the floor. While the living conditions are primitive, the school has an organic garden and cooking program making delicious rice cookies that are named, “forget your husband,” The cookies sold out at the Small World Maehongson Festival (Dec 24, 2015).


The Rest of the Story


Toys for Thailand provided a charger for Saree Wittiya scholarship student, Ponchai and his family  in May 2015, a donation from Karan Huskey. In December 2015 Maria Miller asked about Ponchai and his brother and learned that they were not using the charger because they had to haul it a long distance to get it recharged (every few days). To provide a solution, T4T donated a solar panel for Ponchai and his mother and brothers to have a stable source of electrical power. Ponchai and his brothers have lighting to do their homework and their mother to do her embroidery. Thank you Nidnoy Trisittinoppakun for the update from SarreWittiya School, and Director Sombut Neegree from Huay Pooling for providing T4T the solar panel contractor.

Warm Hats and Hearts

12647106_10205071235769698_8127024983039147216_nTribal children in Maehongson have been knitting hats to keep younger children protected from cold weather in Thailand. Toys for Thailand funded the knitting project in cooperation with the MHS Ed. Development Association. The warm hearts project was a gift from T4T donor Rachnee Keirsey. Special acknowledgment to Archi Chi and Koon Ohm for managing the project and Sombut Neegree for hat delivery to the remote Pooling area.

Blanket Delivery

January 28, 2016 Tribal children in Maehongson are using blankets to keep the chill off their bones during the current cold spell in Thailand. Toys for Thailand delivered blankets to Maehongson in December 2015 and more to come in January 2016, thanks to a donation from Rachnee Keirsey. The minimum temperature in Northern Thailand is forecast at 8-14 C, with isolated frosts on mountaintops. Tribal people living in the mountain range have to resort to bonfires to keep themselves and their animals warm.


Making Merit: Pure Life Thai Spa


Nan Crowder

Nan Crowder

Supporter Nan Crowder funded 10 Toys for Thailand scholarships. The scholarships were awarded to Hill Tribal students on December 24, 2015 at our Small World Maehongson Festival. Thank you Nan for your gift of HOPE. Nan owns PureLife Thai Spa in Cardiff, CA where you can enjoy authentic Thai massage.


Tribal Treasures


Toys for Thailand board member Sean Cuadra uses Tribal handicrafts from Northern Thailand to create a special gift. The gift contains the Toys for Thailand Kindness Without Borders Bag, a backpack made with Akha Tribal fabric, a Karen handwoven scarf, two elephant notebooks and a beautiful Lahu embroidery piece purchased at the Small World Maehongson Festival.IMG_6451TribalTreasures_Jan2016

Betty de Graaf

Betty de Graaf at the 5th Annual Small World Festival

Betty de Graaf at the 5th Annual Small World Festival

Acknowledging Betty de Graaf, a Physical Therapist living in Holland for supporting the Tribal children in Musser Nai with instructional resources, and funding 15 Toys for Thailand scholarships presented on Dec. 24, 2015 (a gift from the Revalidaatie Centrum Heliomare). Betty visited Musser Nai and Maehongson in December 2014 as a T4T volunteer.


Making Merit: Bangkok 101 Article

Bangkok 101 Magazine highlights Toys for Thailand and the Small World Maehongson Festival:

Joe Evans, ChiangMai provides T4T Scholarship Awards to Tribal students at Small World Festival (2014)




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