Warm Hats and Hearts

Tribal children in Maehongson have been knitting hats to keep younger children protected from cold weather in Thailand. Toys for Thailand funded the knitting project in cooperation with the MHS Ed. Development Association. The warm hearts project was a gift from T4T donor Rachnee Keirsey. Special acknowledgment to Archi Chi and Koon Ohm for managing the project and Sombut Neegree for hat delivery Read more about Warm Hats and Hearts[…]

Betty de Graaf

Acknowledging Betty de Graaf, a Physical Therapist living in Holland for supporting the Tribal children in Musser Nai with instructional resources, and funding 15 Toys for Thailand scholarships presented on Dec. 24, 2015 (a gift from the Revalidaatie Centrum Heliomare). Betty visited Musser Nai and Maehongson in December 2014 as a T4T volunteer.  

Making Merit: Bangkok 101 Article

Bangkok 101 Magazine highlights Toys for Thailand and the Small World Maehongson Festival: http://www.bangkok101.com/small-world-big-impact/      

Surprising Kindness

Unsolicited gift to Toys for Thailand from owner of The Basil Box Restaurant in Ontario, Canada www.thebasilbox.com  The owner Peter Chiu writes, I made a temple promise while traveling in SE Asia, that for each new restaurant I open, I will donate money to an organization that benefits those in need in Thailand. I found your organization through Read more about Surprising Kindness[…]

Double the Donation

Technology giant, QUALCOMM matches Toys for Thailand gift from Qcom engineer Jittra Jootar. The donation will connect remote Huay Pu Keng School and Long Neck Village (Maehongson,Thailand) with the outside world and provide solar panels and charger for telecommunication power. The T4T project will be completed by graduate students from the Dept. of Renewable Energy Read more about Double the Donation[…]