Bursting With Smiles and Sunflowers in Northern Thailand

Nestled in a remote village in the Yuam River valley is Mae Surin Noi School. The area of Khun Yuam is famous for the wild sunflower fields which burst into bloom during November painting the entire hilly area in brilliant yellow. School Director, Dara, wrote a proposal to construct a vegetable garden to support the Mae Surin Noi school lunch program and to teach the children about agriculture. Photos here are from the initial May 2019 visit and final completion of the garden project in February 2020.

T4T volunteers, Maria Miller and her nephew Giacamo (pictured far left), visited the school in May 2019 guided by the School Director for the area Dara Boss.

The garden project was managed by a school instructor for Mae Surin Noi (Far left). Photo shows School Directors Panora and Dara (middle left and right) discussing the project with T4T Treasurer Maria Miller (far right).

Mae Surin Noi School has 32 Karen students and three teachers.

Planting vegetables is important because theses are foods that the children can learn to grow that are highly nutritious.

Vegetable cultivation is an opportunity for the children to develop their skills in solving challenges step by step.

Mae Surin Noi Students with new garden in February 2020.

T4T funded the project, a gift from Elaine and Wayne Armstrong.

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