Hair by Dee


Teacher and students from Maesurin School – Dec. 2015.

Toys for Thailand supporter and hair stylist Dee Khumthorn L’Huillier (USA) funded a hair cutting station for the students of MaeSurin School in Maehongson, Thailand. The photo here shows the teacher and students from MaeSurin with Sasha Bilar. MaeSurin was one of 44 schools that participated in the Small World Maehongson Festival on December 24, 2015.

MaeSurin is a Hill Tribal School in a remote village in the Khun Yuam district in Thailand. The haircutting station will be used to provide haircuts for the students and to teach barbering skills.

Thank you to Dee for this valuable gift. 

Dee Khumthorn L'Huillier

Dee Khumthorn L’Huillier

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