Milk and Cookies: Carter Bolt

Our youngest Toys for Thailand supporter nine year old Carter Bolt baked cookies to raise funds to buy a soy milk machine for the children of King’s School, Maehongson, Thailand. Carter is an amazing boy. He was born in Hefei, China and lived his early life in an orphanage. He was adopted when he was 2 years old by the Flocken-Bolt family in San Diego, California. Carter is smart, funny and a skillful skateboarder and gymnast…he also has a big heart for helping others.

Carter and his parents and 4 siblings will return to Thailand in Dec. 2016 to participate in the Small World Maehongson Festival and meet the Tribal children who live at the King’s School. The Flocken-Bolt family are T4T supporters and since 2006 they have been on three humanitarian trips to Northern Thailand with the group.

Carter Bolt - 2016

Carter Bolt – 2016

Carter is a talented skateboarder.

Carter is a talented skateboarder.