Science Scholarship

At the December 2018 Small World Festival Toys for Thailand (T4T) awarded the first Science Scholarship to Warin NoiMong, a Tribal girl from a poor family with an excellent academic performance. With the special gift from T4T donor Jittra Jootar, 15 year old Warin was able to complete her first year of high school. Jittra, a Thai engineer who works for Qualcomm, has renewed her support to Warin to be able to continue her high school studies. Jittra who grew up in Thailand receives updates from Warin (in Thai) on Facebook. Although they have not met, Jittra is a role model encouraging Warin to pursue her dream of becoming a science teacher. The money is matched by Qualcomm’s charity matching program.

Photos here from T4T May 2019 visit to Pai, Thailand.