Sing Tao Group visits Maehongson


Children in Pai, Thailand met visitors from Sing Tao Buddhist Assn. USA


Archi delivers playground and sign to Ban Yapanae School in Pai, Thailand.

Three members of the Sing Tao Buddhist Association-USA visited Maehongson, Thailand (July 20-24, 2016) to see their Toys for Thailand donation in action. During their visit the group took roads trips to visit KhunYuam and Pai districts to meet the children and teachers at Buddhakaset, Wiang Nua and Ban YaPanae Schools.


Children at WiangNua meet with two members of the Sing Tao Buddhist Assn.

The Sing Tao group was hosted by Dr. Chadapon Chaiya, school director of the King’s School who served as their guide and translator. Khun Archi (Chairote Khomthiya) from the Maehongson Education Association made arrangements for the group and coordinated the school projects which included two schools playgrounds and a computer lab.