T4T Team visits Maehongson May 31-June, 2016

A Toys for Thailand (T4T) team of 4 including Director Maria Miller and Board Member Sean Cuadra were in Maehongson, Thailand May 31-June 6, 2016. The group was on the road 10 hours a day visiting Tribal Schools in remote areas where T4T has completed projects. During their trip the T4T team had meetings with the Governor of Maehongson and the 2016 Small World Festival Committee.

Schools visited were in three districts Maegonson:  King’s, Huay Pu Kaeng, Huay Orn, Huay Pooling, Pai District: WiangNua, MuangNoi and Khun Yuam District: Huay Mubuab, Wahno, Huay MailakaTai, Huay Mailaka Nua, and Buddhakaset. The visits were organized by Maehongson Education Development Association and coordinated by Dr. Chadapon Chaiya, school director of the King’s School. Transportation was provided by Maehongson Education Office, Area One.


T4T Board Member Sean Cuadra meets with Maehongson partners; Archi, Ohm and Surakan. June 2016


T4T team on the muddy and remote Huay Pooling with School Director Sombut Negree, Archi Chi, Chadapon Chaiya and soldiers from the Governor’s Office.



T4T director Maria Miller meets with Maehongson Governor and presents him with gift.



Maria Miller and Sean Cuadra visit Pooling School to see their soil cement training program, T4T gift from Querrey Simpson Family. (June 2016)


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