Urgent Projects

2017 Fundraising Goal $30,000 USD

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support the school projects listed below: a donation of $3 buys a blanket, $30 funds a scholarship and $300 provides resources for a school-weaving program.

Your donation really does make a difference to children’s lives.Please help us support the Tribal children living in Maehongson Province, the most remote and poorest area of Thailand where the annual income for the typical Hill Tribal family is just over $300 US.

Girl from Karen family of six with annual income less than $300 Family income is less than $300 per year.

Karen girl from Paka Village

Working in partnership with the Maehongson Education Development Association, T4T volunteers purchase and distribute goods and services to over 45 Tribal schools. Over 95 percent of the money donated directly supports school projects. T4T has no paid staff and volunteers pay their own travel expenses.


Huay Mabuab Library (2015)

School Library – $1,000 

Tribal children speaking languages other than Thai have difficulty understanding standard issue textbooks written in Thai. A school library provides appropriate age and skill level books with cartoons and pictures and reading material to learn about daily life and Thai language and culture. Using the school library the children learn the value of reading and are stimulated into the “reading habit.”

Basic Need Items – $3

We are seeking funds to purchase urgently needed blankets for children who live in remote mountain areas near the border of Burma (Myanmar).

 Tribal children are faced with very cold weather during the winter with mist and fog throughout the year.


 2017 Projects

  • 150 Scholarship Awards 1000 baht /$30 $4,500
  • Blankets Various Schools $3 per blanket  $1,500
  • Six playgrounds – Ban PaMon, Ban Maulana, Pai Primary, Kaen Phah, Ban SobPong, Wano $1,000 per playground
  • Science Lab Equipment – $500+
    Wiang Nua School.
  • Cooking Class Resources- Ban Maenatueng
  • Library Books – Yapanae,  SaiNgam $500 +
  • Barber Shops-Ban Namplamoong, Payang School
  • Chicken Farm – Wanaluang School
  • Cooking Program Tools – Sob Sa School $685
  •  Computer Resources – Kaen Phah School $3,000 Nong Khao $1,400  

T4T Scholarships  – $30 or 1000 baht 


Joe Evans, ChiangMai Rotary, provides scholarship awards

T4T will award 150 scholarships on December 24, 2017 at the Small World Maehongson Festival. Each 1000 baht ($30) scholarship award is used by students throughout the year to purchase necessities such as shoes, clothing, underwear, personal items and school supplies.   Scholarship students are awarded based on three criteria: good citizenship, good academic standing and extreme financial need.

 School Playground – $1,000 

Jerome Roberts at Maeja School Memorial Playground

T4T contracts with a local welder in Maehongson to produce and deliver the playground equipment, which includes swings, sliding boards and teeter totters and climbing areas. School directors indicate that having a playground has increased their enrollment. School playgrounds are a wonderful incentive for hill tribe children to become eager to go to school. Tribal children often beg their mothers to take them to our schools so they can play on the playground.

T4T will construct a playground in your name (or in honor of your designee)



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