May 9, 2012

2021 Projects

T4T’s final two projects will leave a legacy in the region. Each one focuses on physical education and sports opportunities, essential for the health and well-being of school children and the greater communities. After completion of these large projects and administrative costs, any remaining funds will be used to purchase sporting goods for as many of the local schools as possible. 

T4T is accepting electronic donations only through September 30, 2021

Project #1: Baan Huay Khan School

T4T will fund the construction of a multi-purpose outdoor court in the central area between Baan Huay Khan’s buildings. This unpaved area (seen below with school in the background) becomes very muddy and unusable during the region’s rainy season. The court will serve as a central assembly and activities area for the school’s 95 students and 10 teachers, as well as an athletic facility for futsal, volleyball, takraw (an intense sort of foot volleyball) and other sports. The court will also be available to over the 1100 residents of the region. T4T resurfaced a similar multi-purpose court at the Old Tiger School in 2018, as shown in the second photo below.

A dirt field with a building in the background

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Current Huay Khan School Central Area

A group of people playing basketball

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Multi-purpose court at Old Tiger School, resurfaced with T4T donations in 2018

Project #2: Anuban School

T4T will fund the refurbishment of an extremely worn outdoor multi-purpose sports court at the Anuban School, shown below. Utilizing a Thai company specializing in long-lasting outdoor courts for futsal, volleyball, badminton, takraw and basketball, the construction of this court will serve over 650 students as well as the greater community when school is not in session.

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Current multi-purpose sports court at Anuban School

A swimming pool on a sandy beach

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Concept for refurbished multi-purpose sports court at Anuban School