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Dec2013-MusserNai-ChildrenwFoodToys for Thailand provides support to 50+ remote hill tribe village schools located near the Burmese border in Mae Hong Son. Working with school directors and teachers, we identify the most pressing needs and fund projects based on our current budget.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the living conditions and learning environments for the Tribal children housed at these schools. Working in partnership with teachers and the Maehongson Education Development Association, T4T volunteers directly purchase and distribute goods and services to the schools.

T4T has provided approximately $300,000 in resources to tribal schools in Northern Thailand. Resources include rice husking and soy milk machines, agricultural supplies, water systems, solar panels, vocational and instructional tools.

T4T Projects Funded 2007-15

Toys for Thailand donated two industrial Rice Husking machines to schools.

Rice Huskersa source of income for the school and a way to feed the children.

Stud Pigs – used for breeding and fertilizer, a source of income for schools.

Soy milk machines – provides a protein rich drink for children.

Solar Panels – supply schools with electrical power.

Garden at Huay Pooling School

Garden at Huay Pooling School


Agricultural resources-seeds, gardening tools, stud pigs, chicks, fish and mushroom farms.

T4T has funded many school libraries with language appropriate books.

Language development- books with cartoons and pictures, language DVD’s, flashcards, posters and dictionaries.

Preschool resourcestoys, sand box, art materials and teaching media for language skills.

Vocational toolssewing machines, weaving looms, shoe repair and black smith tools and gardening equipment.

Barber and haircutting stations – teach students a vocational skill and give them a source of income.

Computer workstations – an instructional resource to teachers who earn about $200 a month.

Basic Needs-blankets, bedding, mosquito netting, shoes, jackets, clothes, medical supplies and food.

T4T has funded 20+ school playgrounds in Maehongson.

Playgrounds –  School playgrounds provide incentive for children to come to school.










Sarree Wittaya students sell embroidery at the SWF.

Small World Festival (SWF)

Each year, on December 24th in downtown Mae Hong Son, Toys for Thailand co sponsors a festival that brings together hundreds of hill tribe children and their teachers from remote schools in Meung, Pai, Khun Yuam and Maelanoi districts. At the festival students showcase their cultural traditions and sell their handicraft and agricultural products.

T4T  Scholarships

Dec2014-SWF-Scholarships-TwoKarenGirls T4T scholarship awards allow children to continue in school. Each 1000 baht ($31) scholarship award is used by students throughout the year to purchase necessities such as shoes, clothing, personal items and school supplies. Because the average annual income per family is around 10,000 baht or just over $300 US, most children have little or no money for even the most basic necessities.

Toys for Thailand School Map

Toys for Thailand School Map

Schools in T4T Network

  1. Huay Khan
  2. Naplajad (Fish)
  3. Maeja
  4. SareeWittiya
  5. Nong Khiow (Green)
  6. Huay Pooling
  7. Huay Suatao (Old Tiger)
  8. Anuban Mueng Papoo
  9. Romklaopangtong (King)
  10. Huay Pong Orn
  11. Huay Pong Kan
  12. Sobsoi
  13. Sobpong
  14. Ban Nampiangdin (Earth/Wind)
  15. Thesban Mueng Maehongson
  16. Huay PuKaeng
  17. Disability Education Center
    Pai District
  18. Muengpang
  19. MaePing
  20. Pongsa
  21. Mae Mueng Luang
  22. Pang Tong Pra San
  23. Anooban (Wiang Tai)
  24.  San Wan Wit
  25. WiangNua
    Pangmapha District
  26. Ban Wanaluang
  27. Lukpakha
  28. Jabo
  29. Pangmapha Center
  30. Ban Yapanae
  31. Huay Hia
  32. Zo Bae
    Khun Yuam District
  33. Mae-or
  34. Mae U-Ko
  35. Maesurin
  36. Area Schools of KhunYuam (Dara Boss)
  37. Buddhapraset (Bhudda)
  38. Mae U-Ko Luang
  39. Maesape Tai
  40. Maejae
  41. Pantong
  42. Wahno (Wano)
  43. Thahinsom
    Maelanoi District
  44. Taijong
  45. Romchatwittiya

Project Handclasp and Childline Foundation 

Over the years, Toys for Thailand has forged powerful partnerships to stretch resources and build a support network for the children and schools we serve. US Navy Project Handclasp and The Childline Foundation are two important partnerships that help us take goods from the US and put them in the hands of hill tribe children.




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