May 9, 2012


The Toys for Thailand group has been providing tangible goods and services for children in Thailand since 2005. Our focus is to support the health, education and welfare of hill tribe children with no underlying religious or political agenda.

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Our current projects focus on assisting Tribal schools in the Maehongson Province with resources that improve the living conditions and learning environments for their students.

The 2019 Small World Festival


Toys for Thailand (T4T) co-hosted the 10th annual Small World Festival a unique cultural event on December 24, 2019 in downtown Maehongson, Thailand.

At the festival Tribal children from over 60 mountain schools shared their indigenous music, dance, handicrafts and food with Thai’s, tourists and other members of hill tribes.

150 basic need scholarships were awarded.

Click here to read about the event from long time supporter, Dr. Ron Baker

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