A Recipe for Baking Up Student Confidence

Building confidence in young students is key to their continued educational success. The Anuban School has a recipe to do just that. Located in Maehongson, Thailand the school has recently developed a new baking class funded by Toys for Thailand. In May 2019 Maria Miller and Giacamo Cappabianca visited the Anuban School and saw the baking class in action.

The baking class is a career exploration activity and it can also provide practical education for a future career in food. During the class children learn various skills by practicing basic math abilities such as counting, weighing, measuring and time tracking.

Children gain social skills by working in teams and communicating in the work area. The class can help develop a sense of responsibility as students have to do a variety of tasks related to safety and clean up.

Finally the baking class brings a feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence as students see the tangible results of their work.

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