A Temple Promise Benefits Tribal School Children

Peter Chui, owner of The Basil Box Restaurants has the perfect Thai recipe. His successful restaurants in Toronto, Canada offer guests a traditional meal with home made seasonings and attention to traditional Thai details. Peter and The Basil Box have a wonderful tradition when it comes to store openings.

“I made a promise at a temple while traveling in South East Asia, that for each new restaurant I open, I will donate money to an organization that will benefit those in need, living in Thailand. I found Toys for Thailand through a Google search”

Peter Chui of The Basil Box Restaurants

Because of Peter’s promise, the Pa Mon students in Maehongson, Thailand have resources for their school cooking program. A special thanks to Peter and the The Basil Box team for their fifth donation to Toys for Thailand. Their perfect recipe includes happy guests and many smiles from the young students in Thailand.

The Basil Box will be opening three more locations in 2019. To satisfy your next craving for traditional Thai food, visit thebasilbox.com online.

If you would like to help benefit those in need, living in Thailand, by donating your tax deductible contribution, CLICK HERE.