Connectivity for Mubuab School


Mubuab Village, Khun Yuam

Mubuab Village, Khun Yuam

IMG_9304Toys for Thailand will fund satellite service for Huay Mubuab allowing the remote Karen school (Maehongson, Thailand) access to distance education and other services. The T4T team will visit Mubuab during their May 31-June 6th trip to Maehongson, Thailand. The team will include T4T board members Maria Miller and Sean Cuardra and volunteers Maureen Kelley and Diane Carey.

In 2015, Huab Mubuab received a school library and playground from T4T. T4T has funded telecommunications projects at other Hill Tribal Schools in Northern Thailand: Huay PuKaeng, Huay Pooling and Musser Nai (OmKoi). 

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