Dreams Come True

Born into a poor Karen village family, Chairote Khomthiya (Archi) was the eldest of three boys. Archi devoted his life as a novice Buddhist monk finishing school in the temple.

During his free time, Archi would learn English from foreigners who visited the temple. These interactions offered Archi a peak into the outside world and he pursued university studies in English to converse with visitors to Thailand. With a higher level of English proficiency Archi became a tour guide.

After five years touring visitors in Northern Thailand, Archi’s life took another turn. Being a tour guide felt like teaching and teaching spoke to Archi’s calling. Because of this, Archi took the government teaching exam and took on the role of teacher at Pooling, a remote jungle school with 167 Karen students.

After three years at Pooling, Archi moved to Pongkan School and then to Thairathwittaya School in Maehongson.

In 2019 Archi passed the School Director examination and begins his journey as the Director of Huaychangkam School.

Congratulations Archi – our Toys for Thailand partner, Small World Festival Coordinator and educational leader in Maehongson, Thailand. Archi has realized his dream and is now the Director of Huay Changkom School, serving 85 students with 13 teachers.