Join Us While You Can

Over sixty Hill Tribal schools will be attending the 10th Anniversary Small World Festival (SWF) on Dec. 24, 2019 in Maehongson, Thailand. The SWF is a free cultural event that brings together children from various Tribal groups (Shan, Karen (White, Red and Black) Lawa, Lisu, Lahu, Aka, Hmong, and long neck and long ear children) to celebrate their cultural traditions – music, dance, and crafts.

It is a wonderful national geo gathering that was developed by Toys for Thailand founder Sasha Bilar in coordination with the Maehongson Education Development Association.

The future of the Small World Festival is uncertain so please join us later this year to meet some of the sweetest children on earth.

“Nowhere on earth can you experience an event that brings together so many distinct and enchanting cultures for such a worthy cause.”

Long time SWF participant, Joe Evans