Leading By Example

Since 2009 Panora Dihae Karen has been a teacher at Nong Khiow, one of the schools in our Toys for Thailand network. In 2018 Panora was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award (Kru Dee See Sorportor) by the Thai Government and in March 2019 Panora will be promoted to the position of School Director.

For many years Panora has dedicated himself to transform Nong Khiow (Green Pond) into a thriving mountain school with a profitable coffee plantation, a vegetable garden and fish farm to help feed the 101 children (including 40 residential students).

Panora has unwavering advocacy for his students, getting scholarships and outside support for building projects.

In 2015, Panora took a group of 17 children to Bangkok (from Maehongson) to take part in a gallery show featuring artwork from his students. All expenses were paid for by the gallery sponsors.

Toys for Thailand has funded several of the projects at Nong Khiow: library building resources, dorm facilities and a playground.

Congratulations Panora on your promotion to School Director.

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