Perfect Timing


Basil Box donation (2015) provided food cabinets for Huay Pooling School in Maehongson, Thailand.

Basil Box Team from Toronto, Canada

Basil Box Team from Toronto, Canada










The Basil Box, Toronto, Canada just opened their second restaurant and owner Peter Chui fulfilled his temple promise making a second donation to Toys for Thailand. Peter writes, “I made a temple promise while traveling in SE Asia, that for each new restaurant I open, I will donate money to an organization that will benefit those in need in Thailand.”

The Basil Box 2016 gift will fund cooking tools and instruction for the Tribal students at Tahinsom School, providing important life skills in cooking, kitchen hygiene and safety. The Basil Box donation and the school cooking class proposal were received by T4T on the same day, perfect timing. Congratulations and thank you to Peter Chui and his team in Toronto, Canada.

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