Prem International School supports Toys for Thailand


Grade 2 students at the Car Boot Charity Event.

Grade 2 students at the Car Boot Charity Event.

Janine Davis at the Car Boot Charity Event hosted by Prem International School

Janine Davis at Prem International School

Prem International School in Mae Rim, Thailand hosted a Car Boot fundraiser on Feburary 13, 2016. The event raised 17, 449 baht for the Toys for Thailand (T4T) scholarship program. Prem students from Grade 2 under the direction of their teacher, James Pinkard raised 6,829 baht from their stall selling cupcakes, clothes, toys, books and figurines. A special thank you to T4T volunteer Janine Davis for hosting a Toys for Thailand table at the Prem event and representing the organization.

Prem International School 
Car Boot Sale


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