Replacing Dirt Floors– Breeding Grounds for Bacteria

Ban Huai Suea Thao School (Old tiger School) serves approximately 91 students located in the district of Mae Hong Son.

A T4T team visited the Old Tiger school in May 2019 to see the kitchen renovation which included covering the dirt floor in the cooking and eating area with cement and tile. The renovation was a T4T gift from Paul Marshall and friends. Replacing the dirt floor with cement and tile has improved the hygiene in the school’s canteen.

Replacing dirt floors with cement and tile can significantly improves the health of children. A World Bank Study found “A complete substitution of dirt floors by cement floors in a school leads to a 78 percent reduction in parasitic infestations, a 49 percent reduction in diarrhea, an 81 percent reduction in anemia and an improvement in cognitive development.” Beyond this, adults reported “increased satisfaction with … their quality of life.”

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