Scholarships Change Lives

In Maehongson, poor tribal families earn less than $300 USD per year. Most children receive little or no money for even the most basic necessities.

Toys for Thailand provides scholarship awards for more than 150 students at the annual Small World Festival held every December 24th. Each scholarship is 1000 baht or approximately $30 US dollars.

Students use their scholarship gifts to address basic necessities such as athletic shoes, clothing, personal items, and school supplies.

Namida (pictured on the left)

“My family is very poor and we earn only 7 cents a day for spending money for school supplies. Some days there is no money at all.”

– Namida

These important awards allow young students to continue in school for a year.

Your generosity can provide tribal students the opportunity to change their own lives for the better.

Recent sponsorship thank you’s go out to Toys for Thailand donors: Rachnee Keirsey, Jan Colbert, Carmen Errejon Simpson of the Querrey Simpson Family, Wilma Owens, Renee Roth, Cynthia Poole, Randy Tomzcak, Lynda Halttunen and Martha Rocha for helping to make 150 scholarships possible for some very well deserving students at the 2018 Small World Festival.

You can help change their lives by donating your tax deductible contribution HERE.