Small World Festival – December 24, 2012

Amount needed: $4,000

Hill Tribe culture and traditions are under threat of extinction.Help us promote a greater awareness of the rich cultural traditions of the hill tribe children by supporting the third annual Small World – Mae Hong Son Festival.This unique festival brings together hundreds of hill tribe children and their teachers from remote schools in Mae Hong Son (link to map) to share their gifts, showcase their talents and affirm their dreams to the world.

This free public event will be held on December 24th in downtown Mae Hong Son. The festival is promoted as a holiday tourist attraction, an evening of tribal dance, music, food and cultural exchange. Each school has a booth where the children can sell their arts and crafts and special ethnic foods.

The festival gives the hill tribe children a once in a lifetime opportunity to share their culture and talents with Thais, tourists and other members of hill tribes, as well as, meet fellow students from far-flung schools throughout Northern Thailand.
Your donations will help us provide:

  • transportation for the hill tribe children and their teachers to travel from their remote villages to Mae Hong Son.
  • food for the children and their teachers.
  • materials for the school to create craft items to sell at the festival.
  • holiday gifts for the children.
  • decorations and signage for the event.


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