Small World Festival Honors King of Thailand

Small World Maehongson Poster, in honor of the late King of Thailand

2016 Small World Maehongson Poster

The Small World Maehongson Festival was created by Toys for Thailand (2010) to inspire HOPE for children to express their tribal traditions and to be rewarded for their talents. The 2016 Small World Festival promotes a greater awareness of the rich cultural traditions of the Hill Tribe children while honoring his majesty the late King of Thailand.

This year over 50 Tribal schools will participate in the one day free cultural event. Each school is provided “seed money” to develop products to sell at the festival. Handicrafts include hand woven scarves, wood bowls and bamboo baskets, knitted hats and gloves, cards, paintings, and embroidery. Specialty items such as organically grown coffee, cabbage, mushrooms and ghost chili peppers will be sold.

The goal of the Small World Festival is to become a major tourist attraction in partnership with local resorts, and businesses and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Over the past six years the festival has grown and received support from local resorts and businesses in Maehongson.

Small World gives the hill tribe children a once in a lifetime opportunity to share their culture and talents with Thais, tourists and other members of hill tribes, as well as, meet fellow students from far-flung schools throughout Northern Thailand.