Think Small – Grow Big

Mushroom cultivation at Huay Tong school
Toys for Thailand funded a mushroom farm for the Huay Tong school in December 2018. The school is located in a remote village about an hour from Pai, Thailand and educates 62 Karen students ages 6-16.
Mushroom cultivation requires low cost materials and technologies while offering a quick return on their investment.
The money gained by the students selling the mushrooms will be party put back to buy seed for the next crop and fund learning materials for the school.
For the past decade, Toys for Thailand has provided gardening resources (tools, seeds, fencing) to various Tribal Schools in Maehongson, Thailand.
Gardening is a wondering activity for children to be involved with and provides food for the school lunch program.

Thank you to Kathy and Bill, from the USA, for helping to fund this project.